Oregon beach rock cairn in jaspers and recycled copper - Om Rock stacked stone pendant


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Om Rock Cairn pendant is made of jaspers gathered from the Oregon coast.  This cairn was first stacked on my bench then drilled the way the stones balanced.  The stones are separated with copper discs cut from recycled copper flashing.  The cairn pendant is held together with a copper head pin made by me.

The top olive green rock and the middle brown rock I believe are in the jasper family. At least I found them on a beach south of Newport, Oregon know for its jasper rocks.   The bottom rock is a very flat and smooth gray rock about three quarters of an inch across.  The total length of the pendant is about an inch and a half.

The rock cairn hangs from a 2mm black leather cord which is adjustable with slip knots.  If you would like a different leather cord with a clasp of a certain length or a copper mesh chain you can add those on at checkout

Each cairn comes with an explanation of its significance and has been charged with a quartz crystal.