Steampunk mixed metal recycled tin statement necklace


There is a lot of crazy collage work going on in this pendant so it is not for the faint of heart. The pendant is big, bold and makes a statement. A recycled tin, tin type photo and clock face make up the focal point of the pendant. However, there is also an old silver earring in the outline of a flower, a small key, a clock gear, the word joy and a piece of tin that says 100 percent natural. All that metal means this piece has some heft to it.

The wing span of the piece is 6 inches. The wings are brass and adorned with German silver. The central copper area is about two inches across and two and a quarter inches long. I think of this piece as a collar because it pretty much covers the front of the neck if you wear in choker length. The piece is cold connected with rivets which add to the collage aspect of the piece.

The piece comes on a large copper chain finished with a two inch extension chain and a lobster clasp. The photos show the piece at 18 inches. You will determine the length you like.