Tribal Winged Mixed Metals Statement Necklace


total length of necklace

Love collaging and this statement pendant is like a collage of metals and materials.  The wings are brass, the tail German silver and the center piece copper, brass, and faux bone.  This piece looks great on either sex.  This Winged One is not for the timid because it is big and bold.  This pendant is a little bit steampunk and a little bit tribal.  I was influenced by an owl in flight I have framed on my wall.

The wing span is 6 inches.  The body of the pendant is three inches including the tail feathers.  The faux bone section is about an inch across.  You will see from the pictures that this pendant lays around the neck like a collar.  The pendant is currently 18 inches with a 2 inch extension. You, however, will decide the length of the pendant on checkout.